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Wikinews Interlingual Association idea Contact[editar código-fonte]

Hello. I am a senior user from Chinese Wikinews. I want to strengthen the links between the Wikinews language communities and develop an excellent citizen news platform. Does it include the possibility of setting up a Telegram group to communicate with each other? Original reports or news about different languages, and news reports of news value are published in the group, so that everyone can know and translate each other. I also hope to strengthen contacts with projects in various Wikinews languages for a long time, and even establish a Wikinews Association to help our journalists facilitate the development of our projects, which may include applying for funding from the foundation, writing reports better, including original reporting projects, for public welfare, and better. Let our news agency reporters go to other places to interview, including bonuses, travel expenses, transportation expenses, and meals? In fact, I hope that if these reporting expenses can receive a foundation subsidy, in fact, journalists may focus more on original reporting, and they should do so! I thought it might be better to open a Wikinews Association across languages. I use Chinese as my mother tongue, so there may be some mistakes in English. If you don't understand, you are welcome to communicate, especially in simple English. Thank you very much!

Original reporting is in fact what media organizations should do more, because now many journalists' associations and experts criticize everyone for doing real-time news, and I do real-time news, which results in the lack of room for public attention or news stories that should be reported in depth, so this mentality is unfavorable to the media environment and the public.

Establishing an association to help Wikinews can provide more room for the platform to be upgraded and make it more convenient for our journalists to move. The establishment of associations can further unite the community, hold activities, vigorously develop Wikinews projects, and even launch a series of reports, so that we can no longer have a single report, enhance the credibility of our media from the public, and be more popular.

Wikinews is a very suitable project for cross-language associations, because we are all doing the same thing and reporting around the world. It is one of the purposes of public broadcasting organizations to focus on diversified reports and public interest reports.--Kitabc12345 (discussão) 13h02min de 18 de janeiro de 2023 (UTC)Responder[responder]

@Kitabc12345: Hi! I'm very interested in improving the relations between Wikinews languages. Previously the Portuguese Wikinews community discussed this and I created meta:Wikinews Nunchi, but at the time there were problems and the idea was forgotten. This idea included many things: development of tools, promotion on social networks, translations, etc. Edu!disc 14h20min de 18 de janeiro de 2023 (UTC)Responder[responder]
Thank you very much for your interest! Personally, I think using Telegram groups may be a good way to cooperate in cross-language translation, because if these plans do not have the help of social message apps groups, it may be difficult to work and involve communication skills just relying on a wiki page. Thank you very much! Yours meta:Wikinews Nunchi project is very good. Thank you very much for your dedication to Wikinews~ Kitabc12345 (discussão) 17h24min de 18 de janeiro de 2023 (UTC)Responder[responder]
I have received a lot of editors saying that they don't use Telegram. So if ping is also feasible on the wiki page, I'm sorry. Kitabc12345 (discussão) 17h45min de 18 de janeiro de 2023 (UTC)Responder[responder]
@Kitabc12345 I thought a lot of editors would say that. Perhaps concentrating the discussion on a wiki page would be better, it could facilitate the inclusion of links and the use of translation tools. Edu!disc 19h34min de 18 de janeiro de 2023 (UTC)Responder[responder]
Right. We can add use wiki page work it. Thanks. Kitabc12345 (discussão) 07h25min de 19 de janeiro de 2023 (UTC)Responder[responder]

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