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Olá, eu gerencio com outros dois membros do Wikinews francês a página do Facebook em francês. Vi que era possível ter uma página global com variações locais (mesmo nome, apresentação diferente) => Gostaria de lançar uma reflexão sobre uma possível fusão de todas as páginas dos Wikinews no Facebook, a fim de adaptar o conteúdo a cada idioma ou região. Do meu ponto de vista, essa será uma maneira de aumentar a atratividade dos Wikinews nessa rede social. --Mikani (discussão) 16h52min de 18 de maio de 2020 (UTC)Responder[responder]

Hello Mikani, the idea looks good to me. Currently Wikinoticias exists in Portuguese, but whoever managed it stopped editing and it is now practically abandoned. DARIO SEVERI (discussão) 21h56min de 18 de maio de 2020 (UTC)Responder[responder]
Hello DARIO SEVERI, I wanted to make sure that your page is this one : --Mikani (discussão) 06h19min de 19 de maio de 2020 (UTC)Responder[responder]
Hello Mikani, well the page is the only one I know but let me ask to Eduardo if he can confirm this. DARIO SEVERI (discussão) 09h29min de 19 de maio de 2020 (UTC)Responder[responder]
Ok. Who are the administrators for the page in Portuguese? --Mikani (discussão) 10h05min de 19 de maio de 2020 (UTC)Responder[responder]
Hello Mikani, the administrator of the page in the Facebook is Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton, he stopped collaborating here in 2015 [1]. He wrote to editor Eduardo this year about edits on Facebook (please see [2]). DARIO SEVERI (discussão) 10h30min de 19 de maio de 2020 (UTC)Responder[responder]
Thank you for the link. I understand in his message the weariness of posting on Facebook. That is why there is my proposal to merge all the pages into one. --Mikani (discussão) 10h37min de 19 de maio de 2020 (UTC)Responder[responder]

Bonjour Mikani,

Je ne suis pas contre la fusion.

I will write to you in English to have a more inclusive conversation, and to not reach the limit of my French. I'm mostly keeping the Facebook page to not have problems as misuse of the brand. As all people in this conversation already know about my opinion around the usage of FB, I will reinforce that is too costly maintain it a live. The name Wikinotícias, is not as powerful as Wikipedia, so not even massages we receive for years...

I do not like the idea that all Wikinews are one, as different rules, peoples, content... we are not one, however, in practical terms, the presence at FB could be better manage unifying efforts.

How many language communities accepted this proposal Mikani? Are you going to create a Meta page to better organise this?

Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton (discussão) 20h04min de 19 de maio de 2020 (UTC)Responder[responder]

Hi, in fact, what merges is the name: for all languages. After in this page, each community keeps control of its content in the sense that the fans of this global page will see content adapted either to their language or to their location which will be highlighted by each wikinews (in English, in Portuguese ...). I can't tell you how many Portuguese speakers are on the page because I don't have the number. But as far as French speakers are concerned, there are 2000, double that of those on!
If you want to see the discussions, I listed all the links on my page : fr:User:Mikani/Facebook.
I have already launched several projects :
  • en.wikinews
  • es.wikinews
  • it.wikinews
  • de.wikinews
I launched this consultation only on Wikinews with the Latin alphabet for the moment.
On fr.wikinews, we are making a decision to authorize this merger as soon as other Wikinews are agree. Obviously, this merger will be interesting if the is the main page.
--Mikani (discussão) 09h31min de 20 de maio de 2020 (UTC)Responder[responder]
Hi Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton sorry to bother you again but what do you think of the text above? DARIO SEVERI (discussão) 10h38min de 20 de maio de 2020 (UTC)Responder[responder]
Do not hesitate to ask me questions if necessary. --Mikani (discussão) 16h37min de 20 de maio de 2020 (UTC)Responder[responder]
Mikani, if a person want to read the French and the Portuguese updates, how this works?
Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton (discussão) 17h36min de 20 de maio de 2020 (UTC)Responder[responder]
Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton If a person wants to read content in French or Portuguese on Facebook, their default languages on Facebook will have to be both French and Portuguese. Mikani (discussão) 07h51min de 21 de maio de 2020 (UTC)Responder[responder]

──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── If this is possible Mikani, I have no other questions to implement it. And we should also extend to books, versity... Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton (discussão) 17h03min de 22 de maio de 2020 (UTC)Responder[responder]

Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton It would actually be possible to set it up for other projects. Maybe Wikinews can be the example for this merger. --Mikani (discussão) 17h06min de 22 de maio de 2020 (UTC)Responder[responder]
Mikani, okay, just a small request, move the fr:User:Mikani/Facebook to Meta, to have a historic, and have a correct platform to us organise ourselves, okay?
|There we can include all the current volunteers responsible, and may create campaigns, cross posts ... Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton (discussão) 17h28min de 22 de maio de 2020 (UTC)Responder[responder]
It's here : meta:Wikinews/Facebook --Mikani (discussão) 18h30min de 22 de maio de 2020 (UTC)Responder[responder]