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The Wikinews project is looking for interview candidates on Meta at the Interview of the Month page.

In December Jimbo Wales was interviewed in the International Wikinews IRC channel by four interviewers. There were articles written in 6 languages from that one interview, and many people suggested the collaboration from many languages be continued with more interviews.

Interview candidates are proposed, and people vote as to which candidates they would like to see interviewed. The candidates are prioritized by those gaining the greatest number of interested voters, and are then contacted to arrange a possible interview in the early half of the month. The first candidate to agree to a live IRC interview will be the subject.

Interview candidates may be proposed up to three months in advance. Interviews may be moderated in any Wikinews language, with the contributors from that language moderating the interview.

If you have any questions I can help with, I can be contacted on one of my many talk pages (meta is another), via e-mail, and often on IRC. - Amgine/talk 03:56, 29 dezembro 2005 (UTC)