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I'd like to help get listed in Google news' index at I have a contact at Google who Cary and I worked with to make this happen for the English Wikinews, and PT has already taken the first step - enabling flagged revisions. The next required steps would be altering the main page DPLs to only list flagged stories, and to show an article id.

If I can then point Josh from Google at policy/guidelines on how articles are reviewed, and the page survives a visit to the Babelfish, it should not be a problem to get the site in the news index.

On en.wikinews we have noticed this in some cases make a big difference to the number of hits articles get. I don't see an obvious "most popular pages" on the main page here, is it maintained somewhere? It's a morale-booster for contributors who can see how many people have read their article in the last hour. --Brianmc 12h30min de 25 de dezembro de 2008 (UTC)

I have a response from Josh at Google,

"... When you're ready, just send in the specific urls where the reviewed content will reside."

I take that as, I need to give "" as the address, and for completeness, a link to the rules deciding who can sight articles, and how they should decide to do so. On EN we use en:Template:Peer review, which is quite heavy-handed. What is going to work depends very much on the PT community.

Whoever creates the pages like Wikinotícias:2008/dezembro/29 will need to take advantage of the changes made to DynamicPageList (DPL) so it works with Flagged Revisions. Each DPL would need the following two lines in it:


See en:Wikinews:2008/December/29, created by en:User:CalendarBot - which also does the FI Wikinews.

The first line means only pages which have been sighted will be listed in the DPL, the second - well click a link on the EN main page, you will see that an ID number is tagged in the URL. Google needs this to work, one of their actual rules is that all indexed URLs must have a unique numeric part of at least 3 digits. --Brian McNeil / talk 11h12min de 30 de dezembro de 2008 (UTC)

Well, i'm using the two lines, showed, but I don't understand the template Peer review. When use it? A bot can do your updated? Help us... :) Alex Pereirafalaê 13h23min de 2 de janeiro de 2009 (UTC)
The template peer review is to have a record of someone putting the article through a review process. I do not think it is urgent that this be used, but to get the Google news listing passed I will have to have some sort of link to an editorial process; something that says who gets Editor status, and what rules they must check/apply before sighting an article and publishing it. --Brian McNeil / talk 10h43min de 8 de janeiro de 2009 (UTC)