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No user is allowed to operate a bot unless:

  1. a user page for the bot is created, describing its functionalities and the software to be used.
  2. all data related to the bot is given in this page.
  3. there is approval by bot coordination a week after bot data has been given.

From the registration process of the bot as a user until it is marked as such, the folllowing should be noted:

  • There must be a username with the terms bot or robot in it (as in examplebot), in order to facilitate its recognition as a bot.
  • The bot operator shall provide the following information in this page.
    • Bot name and the username that operates it (with links to both user pages).
    • Main functionality of the bot and its main areas of intervention.
    • The period of time (if applicable) during which it will operate.
    • The language or program used.
    • The importance of the bot intervention to the project.
  • There will be a period of one week for approval, before bot starts operating.
  • There will be a period of one week for testing purposes, before approval (for the purpose of opinion gathering from whoever may be controlling the editions carried out by the bot).
  • Final approval of the request by a bureaucrat is required, provided that no relevant objections to bot usage are raised.
  • A local bureaucrat from the portuguese wikinews will mark (or unmark) an account as bot through [Especial:Makebot], if applicable.

Request example[editar código-fonte]

Bot to be operated by [[User:Example]], from english wikipedia, for interwiki updating 
through pywikipediabot. ~~~~