Wikinotícias:Redação/Wikinews at Wikimania (28/07/2006)

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Unfortunately I don't speak Portuguese, so I would appreciate it if someone would translate this message.

If you're coming to Wikimania 2006 in Boston, please register for the Citizen Journalism mini-conference and join us on Saturday for a discussion about wikis and the news (with the first half focusing on Wikinews). Dan Gillmor, one of the pioneers of citizen journalism, will be present at both events. If you can't come, please feel free to edit the second page and suggest topics that we should discuss.--Eloquence 00:07, 28 julho 2006 (UTC)

Answered in talk page at English Wikinews. --Slade@ 04:00, 28 julho 2006 (UTC)
Seu eu tiver tempo eu faço alguma coisa. Eu até participaria do evento se tivesse dinheiro e disponibilidade.--Carlosar 11:59, 30 julho 2006 (UTC)