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Wikinotícias:Pedidos a burocratas: diferenças entre revisões

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[[es:Wikinoticias:Solicitudes a burócratas]]
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== New Wikimedia password policy and requirements ==
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The Wikimedia Foundation security team is implementing a new [[m:Password policy|password policy and requirements]]. [[mw:Wikimedia_Security_Team/Password_strengthening_2019|You can learn more about the project on]].
These new requirements will apply to new accounts and privileged accounts. New accounts will be required to create a password with a minimum length of 8 characters. Privileged accounts will be prompted to update their password to one that is at least 10 characters in length.
These changes are planned to be in effect on December 13th. If you think your work or tools will be affected by this change, please let us know on [[mw:Talk:Wikimedia_Security_Team/Password_strengthening_2019|the talk page]].
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