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Escritor e crítico Christopher Hitchens morre aos 62 anos: diferenças entre revisões

concluding para, BBC source
(birth, from BBC story)
(concluding para, BBC source)
In more recent years, Hitchens sided with {{w|George W. Bush}} and {{w|Tony Blair}} in supporting the war in Iraq, and also went on to write a polemical book on religion, ''{{w|God Is Not Great}}'', following a theme which started with his earlier debunking efforts towards {{w|Mother Teresa}}—"a fanatic, a fundamentalist, and a fraud" according to Hitchens. The death of {{w|Jerry Falwell}} raised Hitchens' ire, stating that it is "a shame that there is no hell for Falwell to go to" and calling him a "faith-based fraud".
In his memoirs, ''Hitch-22'', he wrote of having sex with two (unnamed) male members of {{w|Margaret Thatcher|Margaret Thatcher's}} cabinet. Hitchens was well-known for his drinking and smoking habits, withconsuming 50,000 cigarettes a year according to one report, and drinking enough every day "to stun the average mule" (according to Hitchens himself). The discovery of cancer last year was, according to Hitchens, "something so predictable and banal that it bores even me".
Hitchens was not close to his brother {{w|Peter Hitchens}}, a conservative columnist and author. He is survived by his wife, Carol Blue, a daughter, Antonia, and two children from an earlier marriage, Alexander and Sophia.
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