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Escritor e crítico Christopher Hitchens morre aos 62 anos: diferenças entre revisões

birth, from BBC story
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(birth, from BBC story)
British-born author, journalist and political commentator [[w:Christopher Hitchens|Christopher Hitchens]] has died yesterday aged 62 on at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in {{w|Houston, Texas}}, following a diagnosis of esophageal cancer in June 2010.
Hitchens was born in 1949 in {{w|Portsmouth}}. After graduating from Oxford with a third-class degree in politics, philosophy and economics in 1970, Hitchens wrote for the {{w|Times Higher Educational Supplement}} briefly, before moving on to the {{w|New Statesman}} where he met the novelist {{w|Martin Amis}}. After moving to the United States in 1981, he started writing for U.S.-based publications like {{w|Vanity Fair}}, {{w|The Atlantic}} and {{w|Slate}}.
In more recent years, Hitchens sided with {{w|George W. Bush}} and {{w|Tony Blair}} in supporting the war in Iraq, and also went on to write a polemical book on religion, ''{{w|God Is Not Great}}'', following a theme which started with his earlier debunking efforts towards {{w|Mother Teresa}}—"a fanatic, a fundamentalist, and a fraud" according to Hitchens. The death of {{w|Jerry Falwell}} raised Hitchens' ire, stating that it is "a shame that there is no hell for Falwell to go to" and calling him a "faith-based fraud".
In his memoirs, ''Hitch-22'', he wrote of having sex with two (unnamed) male members of {{w|Margaret Thatcher|Margaret Thatcher's}} cabinet. Hitchens was well-known for his drinking and smoking habits, with
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