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'Little Spain' de Manhattan chega em grande tela, documentando a imigração latino-americano na cidade de Nova York: diferenças entre revisões

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The sixty minute, feature-length, documentary looks back at the founding of La Nacional in 1868 and the uptick in migration from Spain following its loss of Cuba in 1898; continuing through to the Hispanic apex in the area, after the {{w|Spanish Civil War}} of 1936–1939, finally charting the community’s sharp decline in the 1970s and 1980s.
Well into the 1960s Spanish was still commonly spoken on 14th Street. The film also displays footage of the Santiago Apóstol, or St. James Day, festival, which "died out" in the early 1990s as a consequence of the steady exodus of the remnants of the Hispanic community fromleft that part of the city.
Artur Balder worked closely with New York's {{w|Museum of Modern Art}} (MoMA), and with the {{w|Film Society of the Lincoln Center}} in order to show the film in NYC. He is currently preparing two new projects: ''The Reality of the Imaginary'', with Nobel prize-winner {{w|Mario Vargas Llosa}}, {{w|Miguel de Cervantes Prize|Cervantes literature award}} recipient {{w|José Manuel Caballero Bonald}}, and artist {{w|Joan Castejón}}, expected to premier at the MoMA in 2015. The second project being with {{w|Armenia|Armenian}}–American painter {{w|Tigran Tsitoghdzyan}} and renowned art critic {{w|Donald Kuspit}}.