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'Little Spain' de Manhattan chega em grande tela, documentando a imigração latino-americano na cidade de Nova York: diferenças entre revisões

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[[File:NYC 14th Street looking west 12 2005.jpg|left|thumb|280px|File photo of 14th Street from the northeast corner of Fifth Avenue looking west. New York City. {{image|Leif Knutsen}}]]
According to the film's content and press release, Little Spain was populated by {{w|Spain|Spaniards}}, {{w|Puerto Rico|Puerto Ricans}}, and other Hispanic immigrants, located in south {{w|Chelsea, Manhattan|Chelsea}} and {{w|West Village}}, around the west end of 14th Street. The interviewees in the film explain the Spaniards tended to live in close proximity to one another; and, in many cases, in close proximity
to Spanish-speakers from countries other than Spain — such as Puerto Ricans in New York.