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'Little Spain' de Manhattan chega em grande tela, documentando a imigração latino-americano na cidade de Nova York: diferenças entre revisões

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== Upcoming screenings in the United States ==
Artur Balder works closely with New York's {{w|Museum of Modern Art}} (MoMA) and the {{w|Film Society of the Lincoln Center}} in order to show the film in NYC. He is currently preparing two new projects: ''The Reality of the Imaginary'', with Nobel prize-winner {{w|Mario Vargas Llosa}}, {{w|Miguel de Cervantes Prize|Cervantes literature award}} recipient {{w|José Manuel Caballero Bonald}}, and artist {{w|Joan Castejón}}, expected to premier at the MoMA in 2015. The second project being with {{w|Armenia|Armenian-}}–American painter {{w|Tigran Tsitoghdzyan}} and renowned art critic {{w|Donald Kuspit}}.
In conclusion, the film shows how Spain contributed to the vast wave of emigration of Europeans to the